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 News Update:

Would you like to be a Featured Guest on Recycle, Re Purpose and Re-Invent?

There have been a few new changes with Recycle, Re-Purpose and Re-Invent challenge blog and starting this month we be Showcasing the work of a different Featured Guest Artist every month. 
If there are more artist who wish to be featured than fit within the years quota, there may be more than one Guest Artist being featured at a time. Although there are already a few Fabulous Guest Artists lined up for April, May and July there are openings for June and all the other months.

If you would like to be a Featured Guest Artist on Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent please write to Chris / CS Designs and include the following information.

Your Name, contact information and the name and link to your blog or website.
Please also include at least two photos of projects you have created that contain recycled items. Featured Artists will also be required to work with digital designs from any of my CS  Design collections and I ask that they not be mixed or incorporated with designs or other products from other companies that require credit for the use of their designs, stamps or other products.

A couple of my new projects. The one on the left is a steampunk envelope book made from recycled mate board and the other is a Jewelry Trinket Box I made from a recycled soap box and part of a recycled creal box. Both use designs from my new Collectables and Ephemera digital stamp collections I will be adding to the store soon.

Just thought you might all like to see a small glimpse from my Puzzle Piece book which I created for a Featured Guest Spot on the current issue of the Unruly PaperArts online magazine. It was such a wonderful surprise to receive an invitation from Damie and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. All total I made 3 projects for the March issue and if you want to see the rest you can visit the Unruly PaperArts Artist Spotlight page. You can also see a bit bigger photo of some a couple of the Puzzle Piece book as well as one of the Steampunk Shadow frame on my Doodle Pieces. Hope you go check them out as there is a whole lot more to see on the Unruly PaperArts.

The designs on this page of my Puzzle Piece book come from my Art Montage Digital Stamp Collection and the Digital Background comes from my Digital Engraving Background Collection

Updating my Entire Digital Stamp Catalog:
I am in the process of revamping my entire digital stamp catalog .Once all the alterations have been finished it should be easier for you to find what you are looking for more easily. There will also be lots of new designs for you to choose from and thank you for your patience. :) Chris

The Catalog now has two pages so be sure to look through both of them so you do not miss anything

Coming Soon!!!

Digitally Enhanced and Restored Designs and Collage Sheets.
Besides being an artist with the ability to draw my own original designs which I use in my art projects, I am also an avid collector of old books, posters, postcards, matchbook covers, trade cards various ephemera and other rare, unusual, and beautiful things.  I have been collecting since my early teens and early 20’s. so have amassed quite a large collection. Recently while going through one of my old trunks, I again realized the beauty of many of the things that have remained unseen in my basement for so many years and thought it was time take them out, give them new life, use them in my art as well as let them be enjoyed by others.

Another passion of mine is photo restoration and I will soon be offering restored and digitally enhanced versions of some of the vintage images from my various collections. 


I just realized that for some reason my Digital Engravings line was not included in my Digital Stamp Catalog so I am featuring them here now for those of you who have been wondering where they are. My Digital Engravings are a unique and original series of background digital stamp designs which can be used in conjunction with any color card stock or patterned paper and used in your mixed media art. While printing them in black over colored card stock produces some pretty nice effects, changing the color of the original designs also gives you lots of possibilities.

What I love best about this line of stamps is that the printed designs can be colored over with various media like, inks, watercolor, oil and chalk pastels and so many other medias to produce an abundance of different versatile looks and made to match the exact color of any  project perfectly as can be seen on the colored example on the left.

This is a new series of Asian Toys, Dolls and Accessories digital stamps. Some have been inspired by traditional Japanese wooden toys while others are pure fun fantasy from my own imagination.

The designs in this series are part of my overall Asian Series which include Asian Dominoes, Darlings of the Orient and Traditional Geisha digital stamps all of which are suitable for Paper Craft Projects such as: ATCs (Art Trading Cards) Tag Art, Main focal points for Handmade books, Inchies and all kinds of other Mixed Media Art.

 One new Steampunk digital stamp design has been added to the store. This one is called Steampunk Monocle and is a simple design which can be used for projects such as inchies, and ATCs as well as more elaborate projects like Art Tags, the covers of Handmade Books or as an element for Shadowboxes.

I started new category for my digital stamps called Ephemera and the Central Pacific Rail Road Ticket is the newest digital stamp design. I have also added such things as the Cinema Tickets from my Performing Arts Series

You will find the new Central Pacific Railroad Ticked through the link below.

 I have closed my Art With No Boundaries blog and there will be no new Issues forthcoming but you can still visit and read all the wonderful back issue which are full of all kinds of fabulous projects and tutorials.

To view the April 2013 issue which was the last issue published click on the link directly below. You can also find all past issues through the main table of contents.

To visit the current issue, visit 

Although a little late this month, the new issue of the Art With No Boundaries Ezine is now online and it is jam packed with lots of wonderful projects and tutorials. The overall main theme for this month is Handmade and Altered Books. To go with the books theme, this issue also includes some wire and bejeweled bookmarks and art tags. To view the current issue visit the 

Art With No Boundaries Ezine Cover Jan 2013

The February issue of Art With No Boundaries is now on line and hope you will go have a look at it. It is a mixed media zine with some some fantastic art projects, as well as some informative tutorials.

Done'f forget to check out the interactive Zone as well, it is the place where you can participate in the current issue, share your own art and maybe even win some prized.

There is also a bit of Blog Candy for sharing the cover of the current issue on your blog.

You can see the new issue though the link below.
Art With No Boundaries February Issue

Angel Face Victorian Digital Stamp Angel Face ... New Victorian Design

Giz the Cat Digital Stamp
Giz French Cat Digital StampGiz Wizard Cat Digital Stamp

The World of Giz Cat Stamps

Meet Little Giz, a silly cat with a a charming personality. Giz is one of three new designs in the World of Giz Collcetion. Giz is based on my daughter's big orange cat who is the world's silliest felines.

Dec 3, 2012

Today the first issue of the Art With No Boundaries Ezine went on line. Be sure to check it out. I has lots of great art, some tutorials and plenty of opportunities to show off your own art and a few prizes.

You can visit the Art With No Boundaries Ezine though the link below or clicking on the cover on the left.

Art With No Boundaries Ezine December 2012 Cover

Christmas Digital Stamp CollectionChristmas Digital Stamp Series ... It's beginning to look alot like Christmas and here are just a few digital stamps for the upcoming holidays. There are several different designs and styles in this series for you to choose from. From Elegant to Cute and Whimsical. You will find Snowmen, Angles, Text Ornaments to complete sets of Christmas sentiments to use on your Christmas cards and other Holiday Have a look at the Entire Selection.

Chris Stern CS Designs Ranch Oil Painting Chris Stern CS Designs bc canada stream Oil Painting
Chris Stern CS Designs Deka Lake bc Oil Painting
My Oil Paintings ...

Besides my Original and Eclectic line of Digital Stamps, I am also an Oil Painter and though you might enjoy having a look at some of my paintings.Most of them are of the beautiful Interior of British Columbia, Canada. I actually have a few others you can look at, and you can find them on   my:   About the Artist

Victorian Millinery Digital Stamp
Edwardian & Victorian Digital Stamps:
I love the beauty of the Edwardian and Victorian era. Everything always seem much more grand and women always looked so feminine and demure, which must have been difficult considering the clothes they wore. The styles then were so beautiful but must have also been very restrictive. I wonder what they would say about today's bunny slippers.

I have started a new series which will contain Edwardian and Victorian designs from the late 1800 to early 1900s... The design on the right is the first design in this series. To read more about her visit the Victorian Digital Stamp Series

Beautiful Tattooed Digital StampFace Paint & Tattooed Digital Stamps:
This series was created for those that love the look of facial paint or more permanent tattoos. I can still remember how much fun it used to be to paint on ourselves in Art class. The media was only watercolor, but it made for some wonderful art that we could carry around with is all day and how very expressive. Of course it only lasted as long as that night's shower but it was wonderful while it lasted. The rest of the faculty and regular students found it interesting, expressive and at times even weird, but it was fabulous fun and I wanted to share some of this pleasure in my art work even if it only came in the for of something digital. 

Round Harlequin Digital Stamp Round Harlequin Digi Stamp
 Harlequins, Jesters and Mimes Digital Stamp Series:

A whimsical series of Harlequin, Circus, Clowns, Jesters and Mimes. I created these digital stamps to fit inside the shapes of my Spirelli Template Ready to Print Kit, but they also make beautiful and unique elements to add to shadow boxes, used as main focal points on Artist Trading Cards\ATCs, Tag Art or for Beautiful Faces on Paper Art Dolls. This will be an extensive series which I will continue to add to.

Solitaire Heavy Metal Steampunk Digital Stamp Solitaire Heavy Metal Steampunk Digital Stamp

The World of Steampunk:
Steampunk and Heavy Metal... Digitsl Stamps are the themes for June... I have been working on my new Steampunk designs for some time and hope those of you that have been waiting diligently will be pleased.

You can find some of the new series by clicking on the example photo on the left. This is the first release and more will be released in the next two weeks.

Steampunk Altered Sardine Can The Steampunk creation on the right was created inside a recycled sardine can. The face and main focal point uses the Steampunk Digital Stamp Design named Metal and Screws. Other elements used such as the Heavy Metal Tag on the corner, the time piece and gear are also part of this series. All the paper pieces have been colored with Prismacolor pencils and blended with odorless turpentine. The brass coils are hand made and for the wheels I sued antique metal buttons.

The project on the right  uses the Steampunk Solitaire Round from my Steampunk Digital Stamp Series as the main focal point.

It is small wall hanging which I created inside a smashed brass Canning Jar Lid.

Solitaire has been colored with Prismacolor pencils and blended with  odorless turpentine to create the soft tones. The wire for hanging this piece is wrapped around some round ends from shotgun shells..

To view the the entire Steampunk Series, look at the

Round Steampunk Digital Stamp

Circular Petal Frame digital stamp
Square Scalloped Frame digital stamp
Wavy Frame digital stamp

The Decorative and Zany Frames above first of a series of  Decorative Frames Digital Stamps that will coordinate with the designs from my Express Yourself series. Frames have many uses beyond what most people consider using them for. The Paper Part Doll shown below was created using to of the striped frames in this series.

You're never too old Paper Art Doll

 Welcome to CS Design. Please come in, and make yourself at home. CS Designs offers a wide assortment of unique and innovative art elements. My designs are either hand-drawn, mouse drawn, 300 dpi high resolution or vector images and 100% original so you won’t find anything like them anywhere else. The eclectic designs range from delightfully simple to arty and dramatic which makes them perfect for all kinds of altered, collage and mixed media art. They're ideal for creating ATCs, Art Dolls, Tag Art, Handmade cards, Scrapbook Pages, Inchies and Charms. Whether your artistic taste is best defined by artsy, wacky, cutesy, simple or traditionally elegant, you're sure to find something here to suit your personal style. Artist Statement: For as long as I can remember, Art has always been my passion, and I am happiest when I am creating something from deep within my imagination. I believe the site of any artist should reflect that which inspires us, so I have created some Galleries for your viewing pleasure. If your looking for some creative ideas, pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea or whatever and enjoy your visit. 

CS Designs was first created in April 1997 as a graphics and websets linkware site to help other artists and webmasters build their own websites. It has undergone many transformations throughout the years, and while it still reflects my love for mouse drawn pixel art, altered, collage and mixed media art, it now includes high resolution digital stamps (digi stamps) and svg, dfx, gsd cutter files for Quickutz Silhouette, Wishblade and Craft Robo digital cutters.

Email Chris at CS Designs