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The original hand drawn black and white / uncolored high resolution digital stamp designs I use in my various art pieces are available for purchase through this site. If you are interested in using any of my designs in your own artistic work please be sure to read my Copyright Terms of Use before making a purchase. You can visit my online catalog through the links directly below or through the top button menu above.There is a large selection of designs in a multitude of themes/genre and each thumbnail displayed in the catalog will take you to a page with more designs in that particular category.

Below are some of my favorite art pieces / The hand-made books, Art Tags and and Mini Frames below were mostly made to serve as examples of how my High Resolution digital illustration stamps can be used or for projects for various Challenge Blogs I design for which includes my own.

Please Note: Although my high resolution illustration / digital stamp designs come in black and white only, they are intended to have color added to them after printing. Various mediums such as color pencils or copic markers ect can be used to give the perfect look for your projects.

Altered Doll Book from Recycled Board Book
Recycled and Altered Art Doll Book:

I have had the idea for this book for some time and I really love that it it has turned out so close to what I envisioned. The foundation for the individual pages themselves are recycled from a child s board book and then cut in shapes to suit the overall theme of my book.

You will notice that a few of the back pages have been painted but contain few or no other creative elements,

You will notice that some of the back pages. have been painted but contain few or no other creative elements. This is because this continues to be a work in progress and I will continue to add more pages as time allows..

The charismatic faces used as the main focal points for each page as well as other elements such as some backgrounds and sentiments are designs from some of my original hand drawn digital stamp collections.

To have a look at my digital stamp designs and check out my Expressive Faces visit the CS Designs Digital Stamp Online Catalog.

To see more pages from my Altered Doll Book and a Peek inside please visit my Doodle Pieces Blog

A few pages from my Recycled Puzzle Book:

The piece on the right is a page from a Recycled Puzzle Piece Book I created for a Featured Guest Artist spot ot the  Unruly Paper Arts online magazine.

It was such a wonderful surprise to receive an invitation from Damie and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
All total I made 3 projects for the March issue. Unfortunately this was back in 2015 and their site no longer seems to be available for viewing. There are actually more pages to my Puzzle book as well as a couple of altered dominoes, and because you can no longer view the issue they were in online I will try adding them here when I get the chance.

Recycled cereal box and altered handmade slide mounts Asian Recycled Button Box

Trinket and Similar Boxes:  Because I have so many elements which I use on a regular bases in my work I often purchase sectional plastic containers to store my more often used items. While these plastic containers are functional you really can't call them  pretty or inspiring, so I often enjoy making my own personal ones which serve to brighten my work space.

 The foundations for all the boxes above are made from either recycled soap or cereal boxes or a combination of both. 1.) The Happiness box on the far left was created from part of a Dove hand soap box, a piece of cereal box and left over mat board from framing. The outer box color ordinates with the contents inside and it is where I store the turquoise jewelry bits I use as embellishments on larger pieces. 2.) The middle box is made from a cereal box and houses my altered slide mounts which I often use as the main focal points on my art tags, hand made book cover and whatever else strikes my fancy. 3.) The Asian box on the right is again made from a recycled Dove box and Cereal box. I created this one as button box. The inside slides out like a matchbox and holds my small yellow, orange, red and green buttons. These little boxes are so much fun and I love making them. I sometimes also give them to others as gifts, not only do they serve to hold the gift that is being given, the boxes are a little treasure all on their own.

Handmade Asian Writing SetAsian Spool Doll Shadow FrameMaterial Girl Recycle challenge button bracelet

Above: Some of my altered art. From left to right: 1.) Steampunk Shadow Box. This one, really has to be my favorite shadow box of all time. It was entirely made from scratch. The foundation for my box was created from a cereal box, mat board and pages from an old book. I recycled a total of 16 items in this project including packing material, roofing tile and even a piece of metal pie plate which has been embossed. You can find my photos of this project as well as the entire list of items used through the following link. Steampunk Shadowbox the Ultimate Recycle. 2.) Asian Writing Set and Altered Domino Pendants. I have been wanting a writing set for one of my art desks for a very long time but never been able to find exactly what I what I wanted so decided to create my own. I created alot of pieces for this set including the scroll and wax seal and the Asian themed jewelry domino pendants seen in the photo above. There is so much more to this set, which includes envelopes made to look old and even a collection of postage stamps. You can read more about this set here Asian Writing Set  3.) Asian Spool Doll Sewing Shadow Frame. I love frames especially the ones that give you the ability to hold 3d art work and I created this one of one of the challenges on my Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent challenge blog which challenges other artist to think outside the box. I created every element in this piece from the Asian Spool Doll to the stitched background, button and thread card, spools and even the wrapped flower in the corner which was made from an old book page. When I settle on a them, I never seem to limited to a single piece, and this one is one of those that contains so much more. You can see what else I created for this challenge which I decided to call Material Girl / Here.

Pieces of POE ... The three pieces below were inspired by master of the macabre Edgar Allan Poe. 1.) On the right a handmade puzzle book made from recycled puzzle pieces and various found objects. In the center is an assemblage artist block, made from a scrap piece of wood, chess pans for legs, embossed aluminum foil, old jewelry a piece of plastic skull ring left over from Halloween. It also includes designs from my Pieces of Poe digital stamp series. 3.) On the right is an art tag I created for a tutorial on oil pastels backgrounds which was a article in my online magazine Art With No Boundaries..

Spring Flower Art Tag Loreley Voice of the Sea Art Tag
 Original One of a Kind Art Tags

I love making art tags and I can never seem to get enough of them. There is something quite wonderful about opening a favorite book and finding something beautiful and inspiring inside keeping your place. I really like that such small pieces can not only be beautiful to look at but serve such an inspiration and wonderful purpose. For more Art Tags visit myTag Art Gallery.

Recycled & Altered Hand Stitched Travel Journal / Book

Handmade Books from left to right: 1.) Steampunk Envelope Book, 2.) Pink and Gold Geisha Book, 3.) Recycled and hand stitched Journey Journal  which has been covered with a recycled map of British Columbia, Canada ... Special note below about the Gentleman used on the cover of my Envelope Book.

Although this site is basically meant as a showcase and promote the sale of my digital stamps and illustrations, I though you might like to see some of my more traditional work which I sell off line. Below are just a few examples of some of Oil Paintings inspired by the local landscape where I live ... To see more have a look at my About the Artist page.

Chris Stern Canadian Artist, Bc Canada Oil Painting
Chris Stern BC Canada, Canadian Artist Deka Lake bc Oil Painting
My Oil Paintings ...

You can read more about me and see a few more of my paintings through my  About the Artist

To say I love the unusual is an understatement and Steampunk with all it's metal bits and wire holds a real special place in my heart.

Steampunk Altered Sardine CanThe World of Steampunk and Heavy Metal:
There is so much that I love and incorporate into my art, but I really have to say that for the past few years, I seem to been having a kind of love affair with assemblage art, in particular Steampunk. There is something quite satisfying about giving new life to 2nd hand, found or discarded objects. They say that one person's garbage is another person's treasure and there is very little that I do not consider a treasure.  The piece on the right was built inside a sardine can. All the images in this piece are designs from my Steampunk series of digital stamps. The wheels for my little assemblage are vintage metal buttons from the Victorian era. I guess all artists have favorites from time to time and this one is another one of mine. Like most of my pieces the main designs have been colored with Prismacolor pencils and blended with turpentine.

Round Steampunk Digital Stamp
There is no room of my house that doesn't have some artist potential and the piece on the right is a mini wall hanging that was created from a smashed canning jar lid from my kitchen. The Gold rounds on each side with the word Clever engraved on them hold the wire from which the piece hangs and are made from the brass ends of my husbands shotgun shells. He gets to enjoy Trap & Clay bird shooting and I get the benefit of his spent shells, what can be better than that. My Altered and Smashed Steampunk hanging uses the Solitaire Round from my Steampunk Digital Stamp Series.

Like most of my work, I have colored Solitaire with Prismacolor pencils and blended with odorless turpentine for a softer effect.

You're never too old Paper Art Doll
I believe you.re never too old to play with Paper Dolls and above are a few I created. Many of my designs are meant to coordinate and mix with other series. If you would like to create your own paper art dolls, I have several templates which you can find through the Digital Stamp Catalog.

Altered Recycled Button BraceletLast but not least: A girl can never have too much jewelry and what can be be better than a piece you created yourself. I made the button bracelet below to coincide with my Material Girl Sewing projects. The bracelet is made from various elements found around my sewing room as well as a small face I made out of handmade paper clay. I made the mold as well as the face. I don't really wear it alot of jewelry, so don't ware this piece often but it is such a fun piece that I always keep it in a prominent place on one of the shelves of my studio to be admired. 
 I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my art and will enjoy viewing the rest of my site. If  you wold like to see more projects from me please be sure to visit my Doodle Pieces Blog. :)

My front page wouldn't be complete without at least a few examples of my high resolution digital stamp designs and illustrations, after all this is my Digital Stamp store so below are just some I though you might enjoy seeing. You can also view my entire catalog through  The CS Designs Digital Stamp Catalog

Giz the Cat Digital Stamp
Giz French Cat Digital StampGiz Wizard Cat Digital Stamp

The World of Giz Cat Digital Stamp Series

Meet Little Giz, a silly cat with a a charming personality and stylish outfits. The World of Giz digital stamp series is based on my daughter's big orange cat who is one of the world's silliest felines. I'm sure he thinks he is just a little person in disguise, and there is no end to his endearing antics.

Round Harlequin Digital Stamp Round Harlequin Digi Stamp
 Harlequins, Jesters and Mimes Digital Stamp Series:

I have a collection of real Porcelain  Harlequin Dolls which have a special place in my studio. I have always loved the mystery and beauty of there expressions and decided to capture and incorporate this into my own art. I first created a series of Harlequin faces in the 1990's. At that time digital art was limited and the programs I use use today were not available. I originally created these designs as pixel art which means that I drew them with my mouse one pixel at a time. Since then I have recreated them as high revolution designs which I think makes them even more lovely. They were specifically made in the shape of squares, circles and ovals to fit inside the shapes from my Spirelli Template Ready to Print Kit

Hope you enjoyed this quick view of my art and also enjoy looking around the rest of my site. Please come back often to see what else I have added.