Q: What type of payment does CS Designs accept?
A: CS Designs currently  only accepts PayPal

Q: How do I receive my purchased designs?
A: All purchased digital designs or kits are sent to you by email once I get a notification from Pay Pal that your payment has been received.

Q: Can I sell my art created with your designs?
A:  Yes CS Designs is an Angel Company which means you can sell your handmade cards, or paper craft projects. The only thing you can't do is share, give way, lend, barter, alter or distribute my actual digital designs or printed designs with the intent to share, distribute or sell them to others. In other words, all your projects with the exception of printing and cutting, (end pieces) must be entirely hand made/handcrafted by you. Proper credit for use of my designs must be given to CS Designs. In other words if it is a paper piece, give credit on the back of the card etc or if uploaded to the web for viewing, give credit by mention and a link back to the CS Designs website.  If you submit your finished art to a art/crafting magazine or challenge credit CS Designs by mention and a link back to CS Designs. For further clarification please visit my Terms of Use Page.

Q: Can I sell your actual designs, give them away or share them with my friends?
A: My husband and I live on a fixed income and I use the money I get from the sales of my designs to buy my own art materials so I hope you will respect my copyrights, me and the hard work I have put into my art and direct your friends to my site/blog so they can purchase their own designs.

Q: What format do you designs come in”
A: Digital Stamps are 300 dpi  and come in jpg and png formats. Cutter files come in svg and dfx. If you have any problem using these types of formats, you will be sent additional file types (when available) upon request once a purchase is made.

Q: Why do your designs look so big on my screen?
A: High resolution often produces large files and a higher resolution ensures smooth, crisp print quality. This not really a problem because you can resize the images when printing through your word processor, or image editing software.

Q: I printed your designs on my printer and the smears when I try to color it.
A: Not all printers are the same and some may smear when wet. Using your heat gun to set your ink may help. It is also helpful if you can print out your designs and wait a day or so before coloring them.

Q: Help the designs look huge on my screen what do I do?
A: My designs are high resolution and the large size ensures good quality printing when they are resized. You can change the size of the image before printing.

Q: I missed out on the call for a Design Team, or do not want to commit for a 4 month membership, is there still a possibility I can create for you.
A: Yes by all means, visit my Call for Design Team Members page  and read the section on guest designs . Also read the section entitled “How to Apply and what to include in your application“ and send me the information mentioned there.

Q: I am not a Design Team Member, but I purchased some designs from you and created a great Youtube video or tutorial using your designs, am I still eligible for a free gift design.
A: Most definitely. I know how much work it takes to create something worthwhile, so send me your info and a link so I can have a look.

If you have any questions or concerns not answered or addressed here, drop me a line and I'll try to answer them as best as I can.