Terms Of Use

Copyright Terms of Use for all 100% Original Digital Stamps & Kits created by Chris/CS Designs

Please Note :  I offer two different and distinct Digital Stamp Lines on my CS Designs Shiop and each carries their own/different Copyrights so be sure you are viewing the correct one for the designs you are purchasing. On this page you will find the ones for my 100 % Original designs.

The Copyright Terms of Use for my Curios, Collectables and Ephemera line can be found  through the following link:  Curious, Collectables and Ephemera Collections Terms of Use

My designs are not public domain, copyright free or royalty free clipart. All digital content / digital designs created by Chris Stern / CS Designs whether they come on CD,  zipped via email, Ready to Print Kits, or Freebie samples downloaded from my website are © copyrighted by Chris Stern / CS Designs.

Please read the complete Terms of Use before purchasing or downloading freebie samples of any of my designs or kits. My designs are for use on manual hand crafted art endeavors only and not for altering electronically or digitally or to use in or on any form of electronic or digital media.

What you can do with my designs:
The purchase or download of any of my designs grants you only a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the designs in your own handcrafted paper art. This license is for one individual's use,  and one household only. Sharing my original designs with others who have not purchased them is stealing and violates my copyrights.

Personal Use:
You may print out, photocopy or cut the designs to use in your personal handcrafted paper crafts only. These items include the following:  card making, scrap booking pages, one of a kind handmade books, your personal paper stationary, or other similar handcrafted paper craft projects. You may also make a single digital backup copy of purchased designs to prevent loss should your computer or hard drive crash. Any  hand crafted art/craft paper projects you create with my designs are your own original works of art and may be copyrighted by you, given to others in swaps, challenges, raks, personal snail mail, gifts, submitted for galleries in stamping/crafting magazines,  or uploaded for display purposes on your own blogs, websites and galleries.

Selling your Art:
CS Designs is an Angel Company. You are allowed to sell the art you create with my designs,  in your local craft shops or community craft shows, however they may not be sold in mass quantities on the internet and with the exception of printing and cutting to create your hand made piece, the finished piece must be entirely hand made/handcrafted by you.  Proper credit for use of my designs must be given to CS Designs somewhere on or with the finished piece. In other words if it is a paper piece such as a card, give credit on the back of the card etc or if uploaded to  a gallery on the web, give credit by mention and a link back to the CS Designs website.  If you submit your finished art to a art/crafting magazine or challenge credit CS Designs by mention and a link back to CS Designs. You also may not use or print my designs on any product which is sold on print and demand services such as Cafepress or Zazzle etc nor may they be added to servers like Pinterest.

What you Can Not do with my designs:
You do not own my copyrights. My copyright signature on my designs must remain on my designs at all times and must not be removed. The only exception for my signature removal is as follows: If you use more than one of my designs on a single piece, you may remove all but one of the signatures. In other words  at least one of my signatures must remain on a finished piece at all times. My designs must be used only in their original digital form (the original file formats you received when you purchased a design, kit or downloaded a freebie from my website). You may not create other mechanical, electronic or digital reproductions, derivative works, rework, re-color, resize, outline, trace, spindle, mutilate or alter digitally or by any other mechanical, or electronic means whatsoever any of my original designs for the purpose of either distributing freely or selling them. All items made with my designs must be handcrafted paper projects only.

To clarify, my designs may not be used to create web images of any kind, email stationary, digital cutter templates, logos, email signatures or other digital file format types. My designs also may not be use to produce commercial stencils, other templates, printed or electronic books, craft sheets, cds or items that are mass-produced, including but not limited to the creation of rubberstamps, diecuts, scrapbook type kits, limited series prints etc, or other similar commercial items.

The license you purchase, (or to my freebies) does not include the right to redistribute, sub-license, rent, lease, resell, lend, barter, swap, give away or share any of my designs and this includes printed or photocopied sheets of my original designs.

Given the nature of digital media and the ease in which they can be duplicated, no part of any of my collections or kits may be resold or given away by you in any way shape or form. This includes but is not limited to the resale and giving away of my kits or designs on Ebay, uploaded to web groups, email lists, forums, newsgroups, other websites, via snail mail or email, etc.

Final Note:
No individual design or any portion of my collections may be duplicated, reworked or altered with the intent to redistribute their contents by electronic, digital media or any other means whatsoever and this includes but is not limited to whether it is for the purpose of sale, barter, lending or offered for free. In other words there is no difference between selling my designs or giving them away, both are copyright infringement. This final clause has been included in my terms to clarify the restrictions I have placed on my original art work and to help prevent the theft and pirating of my designs by illegal clipart sites, and those that would alter my original work, claim it as their own, and distribute it to others under the guise that they are providing a free service and free designs to the general public.

The License Agreement/Contract:
With the downloading or purchase of any of my designs, collections, kits, or samples, you agree that you have read fully, understood and will comply with all the terms I have place on my original designs. You also acknowledge that you enter a binding contract with graphic artist Chris Stern. You understand and agree that you do not own my original designs but are only purchasing a limited non-transferable license to use them in your paper craft or similar hand crafted projects and in the manner laid out in the terms above.

Liability Disclaimer: Chris Stern /  CS Designs does not endorse products by third parties using their designs and will not be held  liable for any damages that may arise from any use related to their products. CS Designs shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the use of  their designs

Please give credit where credit is due: If you create projects that you are uploading to the web, I ask that you please credit your use of my designs by mentioning my CS Designs and providing a working link back to this blog. Credit should be given on the same page or post as the project that uses my designs.

My art is not meant for use by digital artist is you plan to use my designs in this manner please read the following page.Digital Use Additional Explanation

If you have any questions not covered here please email me for clarification.