About The Artist

I have been creating art since I was 10, earlier if you count adding shading and texture to my color book images. I can remember my father drawing funny cowboys for me, when I was little. I never got tired of asking him and he never got tired of drawing them for me, and guess you could say I was mesmerized by everything Art had to offer at a very early age.

Art is a very important part of who I am, and I am happiest when I am creating something. The imagination and creativity in ourselves lets us see the real beauty in the world around us. It also allows us to express things that might otherwise be difficult for us.

 In past years I have been a member of the local chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists, as well as a member of our local Arts Council. Besides the original web images you see all over my website, I enjoy mixed media and paper arts. Off line I am also an oil painter, and watercolorists and have shown and sold my artwork in California, Washington, and parts of BC, Canada. My smaller pieces like my original hand painted watercolor cards have found their way all over the world.

An artist's work has many facets, and the work you see throughout my sites, is but one of mine. I love drawing and painting people, the ocean, reflections, flowers, and trees. My more recent interests include: paper making, collage, stenciling, eraser carving, tag art. ATCs, Art Dolls, rubberstamping, making handmade books, pixel art and High Resolution Digital Art.

Along with my creative side is the side of logic, and everything technical. I became interested in computers in 1984, and have been hooked ever since.

 I worked as a computer technician for several years and I'm comfortable both working on the inside as well as the outside of computers. As a necessity in the early days, I learned to program in Basic and Pascal, and part of my job description was to teach people the fundamentals of DOS, Windows, and Windows based applications. I still enjoy coding much of my own HTML and CSS, and creating all the images you see throughout all the sites I now maintain.

Some of my earlier pixel art can still be found all over the web, especially on genealogy sites, because CS Designs once offered linkware images and sets for others to use in building their own websites.
The net has allowed me to combine all my interests as well given me the opportunity to find out more about my family history. I believe that the past has a great deal to do with who we are today, and I'm working on my today for those that follow tomorrow. I hope to leave a legacy that my descendants will be proud of.

Although I create a wide range of digital designs which include some cute and whimsical designs, my own taste in art leans more toward the arty side. I love the look of splattered paint, distressed, and wrinkled. 

I think the word eclectic fits my tastes pretty well and I enjoy art that is just a little bit unusual and often downright funky.

Besides my digital art, my other passions have to be oil painting, watercolor, my computer and researching my family history. Another passion I have is restoring old family  photos as well as vintage postcards and this is beginning to creep into my art as well. Recently I started a series of the Performing Arts. I am fascinated by the early days of Cinema and you will probably be seeing more of this in the next few months. All in all this keeps me pretty busy, but I enjoy what I do. I am one of thos Artists who lives, and breathes Art and it would be nice if there were more hours in the day and maybe the night as well becasue I often work all day and all night. This what I definitely call passion.

Below is an example of some inchies I did a long time ago. The image used on all the inchies is one of my old pixel art designs which I plan to convert to high resolution when I get a chance. Iwill be adding this design to my series of Arty Expressions.

I love recycling in my Art and right now the piece above is one of my favorite pieces. 

If you wold like to see more of my Art, visit the rest of my CS Designs    
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