Digital Stamps

Digital Stamps, Designs and Illustration by Chris Stern / Online Catalog. 

Sophisticated, Stylish and an Edgy line of digital stamps for the discerning artist. 

My Artistic Style reflects aspects of all the things I love and I am continually creating new series for the various themes displayed throughout my catalog as well as creating entirely new lines.

Most of my designs come from deep within my own imagination, and are sometimes complex, and multi-faceted so you will find designs that can be described as sophisticated, classy, zany, funky, funny, dramatic, inspiration, glamorous, pretty and some not so pretty. If you are looking for that WOW! factor and something to set your paper crafts and mixed media projects apart from the same old thing you see everywhere else, I am sure you will likely find something to fit your creative needs in at least one of my Digital Stamp Categories.

Note: Each of the thumbnail strip below represent different pages to my Digital Stamp, Templates and Kits Catalog.  Because my collection of digital stamp designs and kits have grown over time, it has become impossible to list them all on one page. Even the various strips do not contain all the designs which may be included in a particular collection so I suggest that you visit every page for the designs that may interest you so you do not miss anything. Please also note that because some designs fit other themes, a design may also be shown on more than  one page of the catalog.

When I add something new to any collection I will try to remember to add the small image shown here with the dated added so you will always know when I have added new things.
Original Designs ... Harlequins Circus Clowns Jesters & Mimes
Featured Collection ...  A whimsical collection of Harlequin, Circus, Clowns, Jesters and Mimes digital stamps. I created these digital stamp designs to fit inside the shapes of my Spirelli Template Ready to Print Kit, but they also make nice elements to add to shadow boxes, used as main focal points on Artist Trading Cards\ATCs, Tag Art or for Beautiful Faces on Paper Art Dolls. This is an extensive collection and I will be adding more as time allows.

Arty Montage Digital Stamp DesignArty Expressions Digital Stamp DesignSolitaire Behind the Mask Arty Digital StampsClara Bow Cinema Digital Stamp
  Elegant, Arty, Trendy and Edgy Designs
This is a large series and contains 4 different collection . It contains digital designs from both my Original Mouse Drawn digital designs and designs from my new Curios, Collectables and Ephemera Collections.These designs are not only expressive and unique but also make a bold statement and for those Mixed Media and Collage Artists that want to produced more serious pieces.

The World of Steam
Welcome to my Steampunk digital stamp series, where past and future collide.
 I absolutely love Steampunk because it allows me to be as outrageous as I would like in my Art, and funky, quirky and mind boggeling is acceptable. These Steampunk digital stamp designs are suitable for any kind of paper crafting including ATCs, Art Tags, Handmade cards, Journal or Scrapbook pages, shadowboxes and other kinds of Mixed Media Art

Victorian Millinery Vintage Digital Stamp DesignBeautiful Angel Face Victorian Digital Stamp DesignVictorian Deco Art Nouveau digital stamp designVictoral Decorative Heart digital stamp
  Vintage Edwardian and Victorian Digital Stamp Designs
 I love the beauty of the Edwardian, Victorian and Art Nouveau Eras. Everything always seem much more grand and women always looked so feminine and demure, which must have been difficult considering the clothes they wore. The styles then were so beautiful but must have also been very restrictive. I wonder what they would say about today's bunny slippers. These Victorian and Edwardian Digital Stamp Designs are suitable for any kind of paper crafting including ATCs, Art Tags, Handmade cards, Journal or Scrapbook pages or Mixed Media Art

Traditional Asian Geisha Domino Digital Stamp designs
Framed Geisha Digital Stamp Series
Asian Theme Digital Stamps
 Asian Themed digital stamp series. From elegant traditional designs and decorative montage to oriental beauties encased inside the shape of dominoes. This series contains both Traditional and Modern interpretations of exotic  beauty. Jewelry, charms, altered dominoes and also lend themselves nicely to mini books, incies, art trading cards and tag art.This collection also contains some original Asian backgrounds, elements, sentiments and postage stamps. More will be added as time allows.

Ocean, Aquatic, Montage and Pictorial Sentiments Digital Stamp Series

This is an arty digital stamp series with an Ocean, Sea Life, Aquatic theme. These are my latest designs and this is my most complex series to date. You will find Ocean Nymphs, Sirens, Fish, Lighthouses, Sea Creatures and some full bodied Sentiments that include their own pictorial designs and can stand on their own. You will also find some designs that lean a little more towards distressed for those that like that like that gunge and not so clean look. Whether you are into making cards, scrapbook page, Art Tags, or ATCs, the designs in this new series will fit them all.

Striped Tree Forest digital stamps
Express Yourself Digtial Stamp Series
 I think that art should be an expression of who we are and the things that are important to us so I have created these designs to allow myself and others to say what is often on our minds. Most of the new sentiments in this series are my own original thoughts, and feelings. They are meant to be uplifting, and encouraging to those that need to believe in themselves more (something I have always struggled with). Although some of these sentiments are often serious and even beautiful, you will also find some to be a little quirky and even humorous. This new series is meant to be a mix and match series where all the elements are made to work well together. This series is one that I will continue to add to and the series will contain individual character designs, coordinated mini backgrounds, mini borders, inspirational affirmations and humorous sentiments as well as elements which can be used to embellish your projects.

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