Spirelli Templates Manual Kit

Goddess dream catcher altered art

Spirelli Ready to Print and Cut Kit: 21 different designs

I created this kit for those who want to incorporate the Lovely Spirelli Shapes into their own artwork but do not have the benefit of a digital cutter. Although Spirelli has been around for some time, it never seems to lose it's charm and I still love the unique beauty these unique shapes bring to my work. Just to give you an idea of what can be done with these versatile shapes, you can find a few examples of some of my projects using shapes from this kit, sprinkled through out this page.

These templates were all mouse drawn and although there many traditional shapes in this package, I've also included some that are quite unique and original.

Just a Reminder: This is a manual cut kit and the shapes need to be cut out by hand.The Spirelli Art Digital Templates Kit is a Ready to Print kit for paper artists who do not have a digital cutter. The designs have to be cut out manually. If you have a digital cutter, please view the Spirelli Art Templates Kit option for digital cutters.

This kit contains 21 different delightful Spirelli Shapes and each shape comes in 3 or more different sizes for a total of 72  templates. This collection is menu driven for ease of use and the sheets can be printed right from your browser. Also included is a tutorial on how to wrap Spirelli Pieces.

Spirelli Digital Shapes/Templates in the collection include:Diamond, Fancy Square, Traditional Heart, Jagged Heart,Hexagon, Oblong Oval, Irregular Tooth Oval, Wide Tooth Oval, Rounded Corner Rectangle, Round, Round Wide Tooth, Round Short Spokes, Sawtooth, Southwestern, Solar Flare, Square, Stylized Square, Starburst,Swirl Starburst, Christmas Tree, & Star Shaped.

Manual Sprirelli Ready to Print Kit & Cut
21 Different Spirell Digital Designs Shapes & Templates  
Ready to Print and Cut  ...  $15.00 Canadian


Once I receive verification from PayPal that your payment has gone through, you will receive your Spirelli Template Collection by email as a zipped file as well as instructions on how to unzip and install your new kit.

Copper Spirelli Shape Paper Art Doll

The Copper Art Doll aboce uses the Round Circle Spirelli shape to frame here face. The piece was wrapped with copper thread to match the copper bow at her waist..



Although Spirelli is usually adorned and wrapped with  brightly colored or metallic thread, I thing the simple look of pin pricking around the edges makes for a lovely fresh look.

My Pixel art is digital art that is dawn with a mouse one pixel or dot
at a time, therefore it has a slightly different look than the vector or high resolution designs offered by CS Designs.

This kit is easy to use and the only requirements are a web browser, a printer, card stock, scissors or craft knife and your creativity