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Tiny bundles / Sentiment Collections
Cheaper by the Dozen / Sentiment Collections:

 My designs range from artsy, cutesy, to traditional and all my digital stamp designs are entirely 100% original. They have either been hand drawn by me by conventional means, or mouse drawn on my computer and converted to 300 high resolution formats.

Amazonia Digital Stamp Series / Collection:
Amazonia is a tribal princess from you guessed it, the Amazon. She is partial to elaborate head pieces, braids, feathers and beads. Amazonia is another arty expressive square series suitable for ATC’s / Artist Cards, Tag Art, Inchies and Altered and Mixed Media Art.

Tiny bundles / Sentiment Collections:
These versatile collections contain a single phrase or sentiment  in 4 or 5 different fonts to allow you to choose the one that best suits your particular needs. How many times have you wanted to use a phrase, but the font did not quite go with the rest of the piece. Now you can be a little more picky and decide for yourself exactly how you want your finished piece to look.

Cheaper by the Dozen / Sentiment Collections:
A dozen different sentiments on a single printable sheet, also includes a separate individual images for each design.