CS Designs Miscellaneous Gallery

This gallery includes some of my earlier creations from a quite a few years ago. It is a mixed gallery which includes some rubber stamping, and some pieces like Paper Dominoes, Art Dolls, Inchies and Rinchies I created using my Original Pixel Art Designs.

Above: Some inside pages of a rubber stamped 3d accordion book I made for my daughter. 

 Above one of my pencil sketches.
 I collect shells and  found this one on Vancouver Island

This is Deka Lake in BC, Canada. One of my oils
You can find more of my oils on my About the Artist page.

Tag Art Butterfly Art Tag
 Above: Rubber stamped Art Tag with my hand made paper beads

 Accordion Book 
Above: A couple of pages of one of my round accordion books.
Made with elements from some of my previously released 
Mouse Drawn Pixel Art Kits.
More recently, I turned these pages into high resolution digital designs.
Which can be seen under my Ocean, Aquatic Collection.

Harlequin Spirelli Tag Art

Can you tell I love creating Tag Art

All the Tag Art on this page is made with some of my handmade paper  beads
The Tag Art on the top right is made entirely with elements
from some of my previously released pixel art kits. 
The center image is from my Harlequins, the string wrapped shape is from my Sprielli ready to cut templates, the letter tiles from my printable Scrabble Tiles and the backgrounds from my Digital Engravings.

African Artist Trading Card ATC

Above: An Artist Trading Card made with another one of my Harlequins
 and on the right one of my never released African Mask.

Bottlecap art
Above: Some of my miniature designs inside a smashed bottle cap.

The Art dolls below are all made with some of my previously released Techno Diva and Goddess Rounds and Funky Doll Templates.

I think when you create them yourself, 
you're never too old to play with paper dolls.
Below: Some more of my wacky paper art dolls

The following Dominoes and Charms are made from layers of paper
 tht has been stacked and glued together to make a 3 dimensional piece.
I have trouble finding things like dominoes and charms
where I live so often have to create my own.

The playing pieces below are also some of my Pixel Art
 and I made the 3 dimensional domino the same way I did all my other 3d pieces.

 Below, more hand made 3d elements.
I just love making these and they are so super easy.

Some Pixel Art Inchies

I made the face on the following card from a mold I made using Fimo and some handmade paper clay. The square piece behind the face is embossed with various embossing powders. The background papers are my own handmade papers. My daughter loves purple and I made this one for her. :)