Digital Stamp Watermarks

 Not the traditional Digital Stamp Examples:

I have had a few people ask me why I display my digital stamps for sale in color rather than the traditional black and white images seen on most other Digital Stamp sites.  There are several reason for this. One I think they actually look alot cooler in color and I also wanted to make it a little harder for people to remove my water mark when someones intent was to retrace my images in a program such as Inkscape.

Inkcape  is a free vector program with tracing capabilities and because it is free there are alot of newbie want to be artists trying their hand at creating digital stamps. The problem with this is some don't have a creative bone in their entire body so often attempt to alter the work of original artists. I have stressed this before but will say it again. The watermarks most Digital Stamp Designers are putting on their commercial designs are absolutely useless. The fact that they post high resolution black and white images also makes it easier to steal and abuse their work. When you add deep colors to your designs programs such as Inkscape have a harder time tracing because it will often render red as black, which often ruins the effect of the design when retraced.

There are many ways to make it harder for others to remove the watermark or use your images downloaded directly from your site. While I prefer blended colors, there is also adding grid overlays or totally obscuring one section of the design. Even with these types of alterations your customers will still be able to tell what the overall design looks like, but the designs will be rendered useless for printing or altering without extensive work. It's not imposable for thieves  really intent on stealing to remove any water mark, but we don't have to make it easy for them either.

I am giving some thought to additional ways other digital stamp designers can fortify the watermarks on their designs and will post them here when I come up with something a little more viable.