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Graphic sites bearing stolen gifts

(Clipart, Tubes, brushes and dingbat fonts)
As the web grows in popularity and numbers, there are more and more webmasters that are becoming interested in creating their own web graphics and sets. This interest by so many has lead to a very big and growing problem for original artists. While many artists like myself draw our images from scratch only aided by our trusty mouse, there are many that rely heavily on the use of such aids as tubes, brushes or dingbat fonts to create their designs and websets.  While the reason for using such aids may be due to the fact that some are not capable of drawing their own images, or are just not interested in devoting the time it takes to create something entirely from scratch, the fact remains that the use of this type of material without making sure of the origin can lead many webmasters, artists, or designers into copyright infringement.
One of the biggest problems with many sites that offer tubes, brushes and dingbat fonts etc is that the webmasters that offer this type of material did not originally create the images they used for making these graphic aids themselves. Many tube, brush and dingbat designers collect the original images from other webmasters sites or even scan the images being used from books, calendars or greeting cards all of which could be, and almost certainly are copyrighted by someone else. 
While I have stressed this in many of my other copyright pages, I will say it again.  If you do not know where something originally came from then do not use it in your creative work or put it on your website. 
There is so much in the way of copyright information on the web that there is absolutely no excuse for someone calling themselves an artist or graphic designer to indulge in this type of copyright abuse against another artist. Even more damaging are the sites that say they promote such copyright campaigns as Web prestige, What is copyright, GreyDay and R.I.G.H.T.S . etc, while at the same time having disclaimers that state they created their designs with material that may or may not be copyrighted, and even go on to state that they will remove someone else's copyrighted work if it was mistakenly used in their creations. This is not only idiotic and dishonest, but insulting and abusive to other artists. Once our work has been offered to others in your own creations, the damage has already been done and it is to late to remedy by just removing it from your website. That is like closing the barn door after the cow has already escaped. 
If you feel that you need to use these types of aids, there are many reputable places to obtain royalty free clipart to use in your creations, without wondering if the original images are indeed copyrighted or not. Please take some responsibility and investigate the origin of the images you use for yourself. It is unfair to ask that original artists  periodically come to your site and check your work of their images. That should be your responsibility.

Important Note: If you are an artist or designer that creates original art, tubes, brushes or fonts from scratch and would like to have your site listed here as a help to other artists or designers, please contact me and I will add your link to this page.