What is so bad about credit pages

Convenient for some:
The creation of credit pages is a common practice among many new web masters. They think of it as a convenient way to acknowledge those that supply images, music and Java code for their sites.

A Hazard for original content creators:
Although it may be convenient for the webmasters that use such work, this practice causes problems for original creators including copyright infringement.
I don't know how many times I've heard the following after finding my work altered on someone else's site.

"I didn't see anything telling me those images were yours and I though they were public domain."

Most people do not visit credit pages.
By placing credit on some obscure page that people have to hunt for, leads others to the WRONG conclusion:
1.) The work was done by the web master themselves
2.) Since there are no terms listed on the website, the work must be public domain and free to copy and alter.
3.) Because it is available to alter, it must be ok for the person altering to take credit for it themselves.
4.) Now that it has been altered, it can be put into someone else's collection and given away. 
Learn more about collection sites and disclaimers and take the quiz to see if your site infringes on copyrights: Does your site infring on someone's copyrights
Why artists and original content creators ask for credit ON THE SAME PAGE.
Many artists and other creative people ask that credit be given ON THE SAME PAGE as their work is used, to encourage others to visit their own sites and read the terms they have placed on their work, before downloading it. 
Help protect our work from abuse:
Credit pages are an insult to the generosity of the real creator, and aid greatly to the misuse of their work. If you admire and appreciate the creativity that others are willing to share with you, then show them by helping them protect their work from abuse and theft. 
Please! Give credit where credit is due and on the same page where the work is used and post a notice that others not copy it from your site.


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