Designer Instructions

Hello My Designers, 

I have written this fake post to give you an idea of  how you should set up your own special post.

All of you know I create digital art, but my favorite paper projects are creating, Tag Art, ATCs, Paper Art Dolls, Handmade Books and Handmade Paper. Below is an example of some inchies I did a long time ago. The image used on all the inchies is one of my old pixel art designs which I plan to convert to high resolution. It will be added this design to my series of Arty Expressions. Besides my digital art, I am also an oil painter and watercolorists and love my computer and genealogy.

Below is one of my handmade Mini books
Handmade book 
inside asian
Below is one of my Funky Paper Dolls

Below is one of my Oils

My Designer Questions. 

1.) What is the name of this post?
2.) What are my favorite paper projects to create?
3.) Besides my digital Art, what other interests do I have?

Note: If you are lost here is the list of Designer Sites. Each link will open in a new tab. Once you visit a blog you can close their tab but you should leave this one open just in case something unforeseen happens and you loose your way.

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