CS Designs Digital Use Additional Clarification

With the current trend of individuals wanting to create digital art with designs or art they find on the web, I think it is important for those using/purchasing my designs to note that my art is only for use by paper crafters or similar craft projects.

I have created this addition to my Copyright Terms of Use to clarify what can and can't be done with my designs digitally. Please read this in it entirety before purchasing any of my designs.

My designs are not for use as any type of digital art, and may not be digitally or electronically altered or
manipulated for any purpose except under the following exceptions.

I created my digital stamp designs for paper artists only and my terms only allow for this capacity. If you can not do it with a rubber stamp without physically altering the stamp or masking it, it is not allowed by my Copyright Terms of Use.

The only exceptions to this rule are as follows:

You can resize the entire design to whatever size you want before printing it. This will allow you to make Tag Art, ATCs, Altered books, Cards, as well as smaller items such as inchies, and bottle cap art. After the design has been printed and just like a rubber stamp image, you can cut apart the printed design and incorporate pieces of it/them, into collage or mixed media art piece. You can also create jewellery, shadowboxes, ornaments, and assemblage art and anything else that is entirely hand made.

Another exception and just like a rubber stamp that you ink you can also change the color of the lines of the entire piece before printing it. This is allowed for both my regular designs and my text sentiments. This will allow you to change the color of my sentiment digital stamps to better match other elements on your handmade projects. While you can color my designs manually with pencils, markers, ink, pastels, and watercolors, my designs may not be filled in, colored in, blended or shaded digitally, via gradients, 3d effects, electronic paint brushes, or paint bucket, drop shadows, textures or similar digital options.

Like rubber stamps that allow for reverse image, you can also reverse my images before printing them. The only problem this presents with some of my designs is that you may not remove my signature digitally although you can color over the signature with markers after the design has been printed to hide the reverse signature. My signature may be removed only after the design has been printed but should remain visible and readable on at least one spot on the finished project.

You may not change or alter any of the lines of my original designs. You may not make the lines finer or bolder, or add or remove lines, text or other elements from my original designs. You also may not crop out pieces or portions of my designs digitally or copy and paste portions of them in a graphic program to create a new design. My art is what it is and how I created it and I do not allow for my work to be altered or manipulated or cut apart except by hand or manual means after it has been printed on paper, fabric, Mylar or similar material.

You may not digitally create seamless tiles, frames, borders, any other design, designs, or elements by duplicating or removing portions of any of my original designs. All my designs must remain entirely complete, intact and in one piece until after they have been printed out after which they can be cut apart for your handmade projects.

The only duplication or cloning allowed is in printing where you can add more than one design on a sheet to create a printed background to use in your handmade projects. You may also rotate/skew the images you plant to print as a background so that it doesn’t have that straight ducks all in a row look.

If you have questions after reading this please contact me and I will clarify it for you.

Please make sure you have also read my Full Copyright Terms of Use