CS Designs Changing the color of my digital Sentiments in Gimp

I've had several people ask me if my Copyright Terms allowed for changing the color of my Digital Sentiments and if so how to do it. The answer is Yes, you are allowed to change the color of my digital sentiments just like you do with inking a rubber stamp with a different color. Although there are several ways to do it, I have included instructions for using the free program Gimp.

Gimp is absolutely Free and comparable in capabilities to some commercial programs.

You can download it here:

Changing the color of a sentiment in Gimp
1.) Open Up Gimp
2.) Go to File Menu
3.) Select Open and find the digital sentiment or digital stamp design you wish to change

Note: A jpg file contains a single flat layer with a white background. Png have transparent backgrounds so you can superimpose them on top of another design and the transparency will appear as a grey checked background. Because of the transparent background the best for changing the color would be the png, but I have included steps for both should you only have one format available to you. 

Once you have loaded your sentiment in Gimp
1.) Go to the Colours Menu
2.) Select Colourize
A pop up menu with 3 sliders will appear

These sliders are Hue, Saturation and Lightness.
1.) Move the lightness a bit to the righ and you will notice the black lines will begin to change color.
2.) Cycle through Hue to find the actual range of colors such as blue, red, green etc
3.) You can also adjust the lightness to your liking.
3.) When you are satisfied with the result click ok
Note: If you are trying to change the color of a jpg file format, you should be careful with the amount of Lightness you choose because it may also tend to change the color of your white background as well.

After you are satisfied with the color of your sentiment you can copy it into something like a word processor for printing or print it directly from gimp. To copy a file to another application:

1.) Go to the Edit menu and select copy.
2.) Open a new document in Word for Windows or other program of your choice and paste the sentiment or digital stamp design by clicking your right mouse button.
3.) A menu will appear. Select Paste.

Png Files in Gimp. If you want to change the color of a Png file follow all the steps above until you get the copy stage. Before you try copying the design to Word you will want to flatten your finished design, so it no longer has a transparent background as pasting a designs with a transparent background directly into Word sometimes produces a black background, which you do not want. To flatter your finished design:
1.) Go to the Image Menu
2.) Select Flatten Image

You should end up with an image that has been colored and has a white flattened background. Don't forget to save your finished alterations so you can use it again.

If you are not that familiar with Gimp or want to save yourself the steps of having to copy and past the deigns again, you can just save the fished colored design / designs in Word. This will make it much easier to print out future sheets.

Hope you found this tutorial useful. Happy coloring :) Chris / CS Designs