CS Designs HP Candle Tutorial

How to put a digital stamp onto a candle

I thought I'd show you all how I did this candle.

So what do you need to make you're own altered candle?
- candle (the wider the better)
- white tissue paper
- grease proof paper
- heat gun
- digi stamp 
-colouring medium, I used copics
- masking tape

Ready to get started?

Decide on the size of image needed according to the size of your candle.  Print your image on paper around 1.5" from the top, this will allow you to tape your tissue paper to the top of your page.

Tape a piece of white tissue paper, shiny side up, onto your printed image, and put it back in to print.

Leave the tissue paper on the a4 paper to colour in. The brighter coloured image the better it will show up.
Once you have finished colouring, trim your tissue paper  around the image.

Lay the tissue paper image in place on your candle.

Cut a piece of grease proof paper the same height as your candle but with enough width ways to wrap around the candle and then you must be able to hold the grease proof paper tight around the candle.

Using your heat gun, slowly start to heat the wax of the candle around the tissue paper.  You will see the wax start to melt then absorb the tissue paper.

If you look closely at this photo you can see where the change is taking place.  As soon as you see the change move the heat to the next part of the candle.

Once the whole image has been absorbed very slowly peel back the grease proof paper.

If the paper comes away easily leaving the image in place then you have finished.  If you can still see bits of tissue paper just re-heat with the heat gun.