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Missing Editing Tools on Blogger and Misdirected or Hijacked External Links

If you have and maintain a blog in a country other than the US, you may be experiencing a few problems that you may not now how to fix.

2 Problems with 1 Solution: Although there may be other problems that I am not aware of, I have listed the two which are the most prevalent and the easiest to fix. Both problems are caused because Blogger recently implemented a country redirect feature for blogs outside of the US which replaces the .com domain extension with that of the particular country of the blog owner or maintainer.

Missing Quick Editing Tools: If you are still using the basic editor to edit your posts you may have notice that you no longer have your quick editing tools such as your quick edit pencil at the bottom of your posts or the wrench or screwdriver by your widgets when you are singed into your blogger dashboard and go into design mode. The quick edit tools are a handy feature that will allow you to edit any post or widget on your sidebar with a single mouse click from the main page of your blog

They look like the little tools in the examples below:

The Quick Edit Pencil for editing posts on the fly:

The Wrench and Screwdriver for editing Header and Sidebar Widgets:

In the posts edited through the blogger editor which have been redirected all the outgoing links would be changed or high jacked to another country's extension such as in the example below.

Example:   would be changed to   or

While the external links still work in getting you to the correct site, the main problem with this is once there anyone bookmarking the site would end up with the altered link instead of what it should have been. This is a problem similar to how framed sites can trap other sites in their frames if the frame code is not written correctly. The Google/Blogger forum is full of questions about both of these things, unfortunately blogger is not answering these questions.

The Fix:
If you are signed in to your blogger account and you notice that the web address of your blog reads incorrectly on your browsers address bar, change your countries domain extension to .com and then add a / ncr after it. The ncr is short for No Country Redirect and should fix both your missing pencil and the problem with altered external links.

Note: You must correct the address in your address bar before you go into the designer feature of blogger or it will continue to have altered external links in any posts you create.

Example: Instead of reading  

you would change the address in the address bar of your browser to

After you make these changes you're your quick editing tools should reappear and your external links should post correctly. You may have to repeat these steps every time before adding or editing a new post. |If you are lucky once may be enough.  Hope this information was helpful. :) Chris