White Comment Pages on Blogger

Blogger has been undergoing many challenges lately and and there are quite a few things that occupationally seem broken. One of these things is something many bloggers have been experiencing when they go to leave comments on other blogs. Often with no rhyme or reason when you click on the post comment, the entire page disappears and all you are meet with is a constantly loading white page. This problem seems to be intermittent and although all browsers seem to be plagued with this problem, when it happens and where seems to be an enigma and on an individual basis. This some thing that Yahoo has to work out but in the mean time, something that often works if you want to lessen the degree of this happening to your own visitors is to change the setting of your own blog.

1. While you are signed into the Dashboard of your blog click on setting
2. Then under the basic sub menu Click on Comments
3. This will take you to a page where you can edit how the comment area displays on your blog.
4. Under the Comment Form Placement select Pop-Up Menu.

Under most circumstances this seems to fix the problem most of the time.