CS Designs Art Doll Templates Digital Stamps

The Art Doll Digital Stamp kits in this series are all menu driven and will print right from your a Web Browser. Templates are mix and match and can be combined with my other doll templates to create unique one of a kind Art Dolls

 Besides menu drive print pages this kit will also allow you to print the High Resolution Designs  from a Word processor so you can mix my doll templates easily and create your own combination of print pages for later use. All my Art Doll Templates are black and white ready for you to add your own unique style and embellish them how you wish.

Each Digital Stamp Doll Template also comes with a High Resolution face design which can be used with doll parts or as or separate elements which can be used inside bottle caps, or the centers for flowers which can be used as special elements for ATCs, Tag Art, Handmade cards, Journal or Scrapbook pages. The possibility for these kits  have endless possibility.

Funky Art Doll Template
This is a beginners kit for those new to Art Dolls and includes mini tutorials and example galleries to give you ideas
This kit contains only those body parts you see on the example on the left.
$4.95 Canadian

Sheriff Art Doll Template
Western Art Doll Template Digital Stamp Kit

This kit only those body parts seen on the example to the left. (Face, Torso, Arms, Boots, Hat, & Sheriff's badge. The elements in this kit can be combined with parts from other kits to give you more combinations.

Look for Additional elements for Sheriff Art Doll
$4.75 Canadian

 Additional Elements for Mix and Match Doll Kits

Little Charmers Collection 1 & 2 ... ( Extra Faces to give your Art Doll the perfect personality.
 Additional Western Elements for the Sheriff for Art Doll