CS Designs Asian Digital Stamp Catalog

CS Designs Asian Theme Digital Stamp Catalog

On this page you will find examples and links to all my Asian Themes digital stamp series. 

From elegant traditional designs and decorative montage to oriental beauties encased inside the shape of dominoes. This series contains both Traditional and Modern interpretations of exotic  beauty. 

These designs are perfect for Jewelry, charms, altered dominoes and also lend themselves nicely to mini books, incies, art trading cards and tag art.

This collection also contains some original Asian backgrounds, elements, sentiments and postage stamps. More will be added as time allows. 

On the left is an an art tag I created using on of the designs from my Traditional and Stylized Asian Themed Dolls and Jar Toys digital stamp series.

Traditional Geisha and Montage Designs

Asian Montage & Traditional Geisha 

Traditional Geisha digital designs 's combined with montage style frames

Traditional and Stylized Asian Themed Dolls and Jar Toys

Darlings of the Orient

Darlings of the Orient Series

Influenced by the Tranquility and Beauty of Asia.
 This series contains 5 Individual designs contained inside the shape of a square

Traditional Geisha Dominoes

Traditional Asian Geisha Domino Digital Stamp designs

 Traditional Geisha Dominoes

7 Traditional Geisha designs encased inside of a domino shapes
 perfect for Pendants, Trinkets and Jewelry.

Modern Harajuku Girl Dominoes

Modern Harajuku Girl Dominoes 

3 Modern and Trendy Domino shaped Harajuku Girls.