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The Celestial Collection contains 8 individual original designs which also includes decorative and pictorial sentiments 
Cosmo Celestial Collection

Chloe with Mushroom Faerie digital stamps Blossom Faerie digital stamp series Willamina with her wand, a whimsical fairy digital stamps collection Winged Emily faerie digital stamps Lulu, Land of Fae and Fairy digital stamps
Faerie Land  Themed Digital Stamp Designs Catalog Page
A collection of whimsical and delightful characters from the Land of Fae who will charm their way right into your heart and add a little magic to your creative projects.This digital stamp series contains 6 collections which includes not only main designs but backgrounds and sentiments.

Circular Petal Frame digital stamp
Square Scalloped Frame digital stamp
Wavy Frame digital stamp

A Decorative Frames Digital Stamp series that will coordinate with the designs from my Express Yourself series. Frames have many uses beyond what most people consider using them for. The Paper Part Doll shown below was created using to of the striped frames in this series.

Giz the Cat Digital StampSummer Garden and Flower digital stamps
A Whimsical Collection of Digital Stamps which include The antics of a Silly cat, 7 Little Babushkas, A provocative little red head and an a collection of summer flowers.
7 Little Babushka Digital Stamps
Sweet, Cute and Whimsical Digital Stamp Designs: Meet 7 little darlings from the Ukraine. These rather stylized and beautiful little Babushka doll digital stamps come in a whole range of personalities which included, demure, angelic, mysterious, stylish and even a little bit sassy. Each of them will delight you with their own unique and charming personality. These digital stamp designs are suitable for any kind of paper crafting including ATCs, Art Tags, Handmade cards, Journal or Scrapbook pages or Mixed Media Art

Beautiful and Charming Expressive Face digital stamp collectios Western digital stampsWestern Coyote digital stamp

A collection of Charming Faces, Doll and Western Templates as well as Spirellie shapes in a printable kit. 

Bride of Frankenstein digi digital stampChristmas Digital Stamp Collection
Holiday Digital Stamp Series  which can also be used for Every Day Creations

An Original line of Holiday digital stamps in a multitude of various styles to suit any occasion. Click on the link above to see Halloween/Goth, Valentine/Romantic and Christmas/Winter Collections

http://cs-designs.blogspot.com/2013/07/ephemera-digital-stamps.htmlCinema, Silver Screen, and Matinee Ticket Digital Stamp CollecitonCinema, Silver Screen, and Matinee Ticket Digital Stamp Colleciton
Ephemera Digital Stamp Series
An original line of mouse drawn ephemera designs to use as accents on your mixed media and collage pieces

Circle Twirl Digital Engravings Background Digital StampLive Love and Sing Digital Engravings Background Digital StampWavy Circles digital engravings digital stamp background
An Original line of mouse drawn digital stamp backgrounds. From Diamond Twirls, Spiral Circles, Stylized Text to Elegant Script, these designs will make a powerful statement in your projects. Print them on clear projector slides, any colored card-stock or over patterned text weight paper to give you one of a kind backdrops for your Mixed Media and Collage Pieces.

We Are Each Angels Christmas Sentiment Digital Stamphttp://cs-designs.blogspot.com/2011/10/cs-designs-halloween-goth-macabre.html

This Series has a total of 9 different collections for every occasion An beautiful and elegant assortment of Artistic sentiments which include Mystery and Imagination, Artistic Sentiments, Flower, Blossom and Garden, Home and Holiday. Use them as the main focal point, on vellum and projector overlays, or as special elements for shadow boxes.

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