CS Designs Fairyland Digital Stamp Catalog

Digital Stamp Collection from the Land of Fae

A collection of whimsical and delightful characters from the Land of Fae who will charm their way right into your heart and add a little magic to your creative projects.

There are wood nymphs, sprites, brownies and even adorable little Shop-a-holics with wings to help you sprinkle a bit of fairy dust along the way.

There are 6 collections in this digital stamp series including some sentiments and backgrounds all having to do with Fairies, Stars and a bit of pixie dust.
On the left .. is an Art Tag I made with the delightful little Hildie and her big Flower.


Chloe String of Stars Faerie diital stampChloe Princess Wand Faerie digital stampHildi Big Flower Fairy Digital StampChloe Mushroom Faerie digital stamp
Chloe and Hildie are sisters. They are tiny faeries who are identical twins but have their differences. One is brave, loves stars and flying way up in the sky and the other loves to dance among the fireflies and spends most of her time collecting flowers and chasing butterflies

Blossom: Is a little flower bug who loves to sing in the moonlight and dance in the rain. She is a real forest creature who likes to sit in trees, gather posies and wind flower sprays for her hair. She is always at home with nature and spends all of her time among other forest creatures.

Winged Emily faerie digital stamps
Lulu, Land of Fae and Fairy digital stamps