Curios, Collectables, & Ephemera Copyright Terms of Use

Please Note :  I offer two different and distinct Digital Stamp Lines on my CS Designs Shop and each carries their own/different Copyrights and you are currently viewing the ones for my Curios, Collectables & Ephemera Digital Stamp Designs.

About my Curios, Collectables & Ephemera Digital Stamp Designs:
Besides being an artist with the ability to draw my own original designs which I use in my art projects, I am also an avid collector of old books, posters, postcards, matchbook covers, trade cards various ephemera and other rare, unusual, and beautiful things.  I have been collecting since my early teens and early 20’s. so have amassed quite a large collection. Recently while going through one of my old trunks, I again realized the beauty of many of the things that have remained unseen in my basement for so many years and thought it was time take them out, give them new life, use them in my art as well as let them be enjoyed by others.

Another passion of mine is photo restoration and I will now be offering restored and digitally enhanced versions of some of photos and illustrations from my various collections.

The designs in this section of my CS Designs store carry different Copyright Terms of Use than my Original Hand-drawn digital designs so be sure to read my Terms of Use carefully before making a purchase, downloading or otherwise using any of these designs in your own art.


Curios, Collectables and Ephemera line/Collections,  Copyrights and Terms of Use

The designs contained in this digital stamp series have been restored, enhanced or inspired from old photographs, postcards and various artwork created by other  photographers, artists and illustrators that pre-date 1923.

Many of the originals in my collection especially vintage postcards old book covers and pages needed intense restoration due to age, handling and storage and I have painstakingly restored and digitally enhanced these old images by redrawing missing lines, removing blemishes, tears and creases when possible. Some designs have also been lightened, darkened  and color enhanced or totally recolored to return them to their original beauty. Some designs have also been removed from surrounding backgrounds,  altered and combined with other images to create totally new designs that previously did not exist.

While the original images which inspired this line of digital stamps may be old enough to be in the public domain, my restorations, enhancements and additional alterations are not so they carry my own  copyrights and Terms of Use.

There are a few differences between my Copyrights/Terms of Use I have placed on my  Original Hand-drawn digital designs and my Restored and Enhance Curios, Collectables and Ephemera Digital Designs. Unlike my original designs which  carry an Angel Policy, the designs in my Curios, Collectables and Ephemera Digital Designs. are for Personal Use Only.

***  What you can do with my Restored & Enhanced Digital Designs by CS Designs:

These designs are for Personal use only

You may create both paper craft or digital art projects with these designs with restrictions

You can use them to create wallpaper, headers or logos for your own personal site or blog.

You can create print sheets for your own personal use only

Things such as cards, journal pages or mixed media creation which you create can be copyrighted by you, uploaded to the web, submitted for publication or given to others.

***  What you can not do with my Curios, Collectables & Ephemera Digital Designs:
You may not profit from these designs in any way / or use them in any commercial fashion whatsoever:

You may not sell, give away, share, barter, display, publish, claim as your own, or otherwise redistribute any of  these designs to others, either in part or in whole and this includes but is not limited to, uploading to the web, digital or printed collage sheets or cd collections or electronic files,  (Not Even for Free)

Other than using these designs in your own personal non-profit artistic creations you may not alter, re-purpose or reinvent these design in any other fashion or clam them as your own.

***  Credit Required for Use: When you use any of these designs in your own personal artwork, you are required to give credit for the use of these designs to Chris Stern of CS Designs by mentioning CS Designs with a link back to my online store,

If you have any questions not covered here please email me for clarification.