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Would you like to be a Featured Guest on Recycle, Re Purpose and Re-Invent?

To fit better into my daily life, Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent has returned to a monthly challenge and instead of regular team projects there will now be rotating or returning Monthly Featured Guest Artists. This will give individual artists their own special time to shine and dazzle you with their creative imagination, unique style and brilliance. 

For some months the number of Featured Guest Artists may vary.
If you would like to be a Featured Guest Artist on Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent please write to Chris / CS Designs and include the following information.

Your Name, contact information and the name and link to your blog or website.
Please also include at least two photos of projects you have created that contain recycled items.

Still Updating my Entire Digital Stamp Catalog:
It seems to be a continuous job. Once some of the new pages have been updated, it should be easier for you to find what you are looking for. There will also be lots of new designs for you to choose from and I thank you for your patience. :) Chris

The Catalog now has two pages so be sure to look through both of them so you do not miss anything

Coming Soon!!!

Digitally Enhanced and Restored Designs and Collage Sheets.
Besides being an artist with the ability to draw my own original designs which I use in my art projects, I am also an avid collector of old books, posters, postcards, matchbook covers, trade cards various ephemera and other rare, unusual, and beautiful things.  I have been collecting since my early teens and early 20’s. so have amassed quite a large collection. Recently while going through one of my old trunks, I again realized the beauty of many of the things that have remained unseen in my basement for so many years and thought it was time take them out, give them new life, use them in my art as well as let them be enjoyed by others.

Another passion of mine is photo restoration and I will soon be offering restored and digitally enhanced versions of some of the vintage images from my various collections.